Tibetan Brass Mala Counter

Tibetan Brass Mala Counter

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Keep track of your mantra accumulations with these brass bell and Dorje counters.

A pair of counters looped on one's Mala may be used to help keep track of the number of mantra recitations one has accumulated. After one round of the Mala has been completed, considered to be 100 accumulations, move one counter bead. When you have moved all ten counter beads, corresponding to 1,000 accumulations, move one counter bead on the second strand.

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  • Traditional Buddhist counter handmade in Tibet
  • Beads and charms made of brass
  • Hand knotted with 5 color cotton thread
  • Dorje and bell detail
  • Bead diameter 4-4.5mm, 20 beads total

Please kindly note:

*All items are from remote Tibet, and we will require 4-6 days to process the order. 

*All items are handmade so each completed piece may show slight variance. We only assure 98% likeness to the photo.

Please allow for a total of 2-4 weeks for this product to arrive at your door.