King Gesar Prayer Flag

King Gesar Prayer Flag

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Prayer flags are one of the most representative images of Tibet; full of mantras and iconographies. In its most traditional form, a drawing representing the "Horse of the Wind" symbolizes fortune and luck and is the one in charge of making these prayers reach those who need them. In the representation of "Green Tara", it invokes the blessings in all its expressions or manifestations. Energize, bless and protect any space you are in. A constant presence that, from the top of the pagodas, the roofs and the trees, seems to be celebrating a party without end, filling the atmosphere with joy.

When the wind blows (expressing the quality and nature of the mind) the sacred prayer flag flutters in the breeze and the prayers contained in the flag are transported to all beings as a blessing. Prayer flags can be placed in the field by tying them to the edge of a roof, between posts, in temples, between trees and other places. Giving the wind the opportunity to move them. The wind is considered an expression of our minds, and the mental energy that activates them.

This gorgeous King Gesar Prayer Flag is approximately 40" x 37.5" in size. It is the perfect tool for carrying your blessings. 

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  • High-quality single-sided printing
  • Intricately detailed imagery of King Gesar
  • Approx. flag size: 40" x 37.5"

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Johnny Daren

cool pictures and nicely made...I keep in my room

Lorraine Sanford

Great ! Fast delivery and very good quality !

Ed Homenick


Amy Kuhlman

Its not decorated on both sides but is very beautiful

Joshua Jacobson

King Gesar Prayer Flag